Wang Commander

Right click for full screen 
If the game is unresponsive, try clicking on it, it may just be out of focus!

                                            Player 1:
                                            Up-Down-Left-Right     -       To roll around
                                            C                                   -       Engorge/Jump
                                            V                                   -       Pulse (figure put who you are)

                                            Player 2:
                                            W-A-S-D                      -       To roll around
                                            >                                    -       Engorge/Jump
                                             ?                                    -       Pulse (figure put who you are)

Just press in the direction you want to roll. If you're on the floor you press left or right. If you're on a wall you press up or down.

1 comment:

  1. Best game ever!!! Just got done playing it in my dorm with pretty much my whole floor playing with me!