Friday, November 22, 2013


I've changed blogs!
Deciduous Games is a convoluted mouthful. 
Deciduous Games is dead.
 Long live nekropants.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Wang Commander gets some hard press!

Wang Commander was featured in this months issue of NAG magazine! I'm super exctited about it. I used to read this magazine pretty religiously as a kid so to see my name in print is a rather surreal and momentous milestone in my life! :D

Also! I set up Wang Commander this weekend at an art exhibition in presented by The Whitman Independent. It was super fun. I met some rad people and got some great photo's. I also got good footage of people playing which I plan on cutting together into a trailer this week when I get a chance. If all goes to plan I will post it in a day or two! In the mean time here are some pics. You can find the full album on Facebook.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wang Commander: Updated Playable

Finally Updated the playable to support key board controls.

It's kinda confusing but this is how the controls work:

Player 1:
Up-Down-Left-Right     - To roll around
C                                   - Engorge/Jump
V                                   - Pulse (figure put who you are)

Player 2:
W-A-S-D                      - To roll around
>                                    - Engorge/Jump
?                                    - Pulse (figure put who you are)

You basically just press in the direction you want to roll. This means that if you're on the floor you press left or right, if you on a wall you press up or down.

If you just want to check out the game, or don't have any friends :/ here is a recent gameplay video.

October 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My First Press!

I did my first interviews ever this month at rAge. They were super fun.

The first was with Miklós Szecsei who wrote a fantastastic and insightful article for NAG online.

The second was a video interview with the awesome Azhar Amien and Adam Meikle from egamer

Wang Commander - Useful Media

Here's a bunch of media that might be useful if you've been so kind as to consider writing about the game.

Press received:

Nag Online - Miklós Szecsei

egamer interview - Azhar Amien and Adam Meikle




Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I made a picture!

Wang Commander at Rage

The tension is palpable (Reg and Ben)
So I had a super fun time exhibiting Wang Commander at Rage last weekend. For those who don't know Rage (pretty much everyone), it's South Africa's largest annual gaming expo. You can think of it as anemic E3. For the the most part its a AAA affair (read: boring) but this year the local game developer community organised an indie booth. I submitted Wang Commander at the last minute and after some discussion about its propriety it was accepted :D

To honour the occasion I printed 30 Wang Commander T Shirts. I owe Jarred many many beers for his immensely awesome design. I managed to sell all the men's sizes, and only have a few girls sizes. Turns out booth babes are a tough sell. Next time Wang Commander goes to a festival I think I need to hire Booth Bro's.

Merchandising |o/

The official Wang Commander handshake (and my flesh husk on the right)