Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wang Commander at Rage

The tension is palpable (Reg and Ben)
So I had a super fun time exhibiting Wang Commander at Rage last weekend. For those who don't know Rage (pretty much everyone), it's South Africa's largest annual gaming expo. You can think of it as anemic E3. For the the most part its a AAA affair (read: boring) but this year the local game developer community organised an indie booth. I submitted Wang Commander at the last minute and after some discussion about its propriety it was accepted :D

To honour the occasion I printed 30 Wang Commander T Shirts. I owe Jarred many many beers for his immensely awesome design. I managed to sell all the men's sizes, and only have a few girls sizes. Turns out booth babes are a tough sell. Next time Wang Commander goes to a festival I think I need to hire Booth Bro's.

Merchandising |o/

The official Wang Commander handshake (and my flesh husk on the right)

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