Monday, October 14, 2013

Radix Omnium Malorum


Whoohoo! ROM! My final undergrad project from way back in the Great Winter of '11. I spent many Friday nights on this terrible wonderful game. To be frank the game is not good. In any way. However, I am super proud of it! I swung for the fences and tried out a lot of weird ideas. The most notable of which is that the game takes place inside a giant rubix cube. Every 30 seconds one of the sides rotate, modifying the level structure. (Hooray for learning about rotational matrices and 3D physics engines the hard way). The game is also pretty thematically interesting. It's set in a dark chamber deep within the earth. In the center of this cavern dwells a cruel tree god, Rom. To satisfy his blood-thirst the Stag-like denizens of the chamber are locked in endless mortal combat (around 20 kills), sacrificing the flesh of their victims to Rom's insatiable roots. I also love the super awesome black metal and ambient tracks that that my group mates composed, they really set the games tone excellently.

Game Mechaincs

Dev Timelapse

Level Editor

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