Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity started as my entry into global game jam 2013. I wanted to make a game where 10 people  can play on the same PC. The game itself quite simple. Every player controls a centipede-like creature with a single button. The objective is to collect the game points which wisp about the level. The first player to collect 8 game points wins. 

Since each player requires only 1 button a standard keyboard can usually support around 7 players. If you include the mouse you can squeeze in another 2, maybe even 3... Plug in am xbox gamepad and that's potentially another 5 or more players. The game supports up to four controllers.

Play the web version of Escape Velocity
[Edit: Updated the game. September 2013]

The awesome spacey soundtrack was written by Ryan Mazzolini and is availabel on his  SoundCloud.

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